A Durable Beach Utility Yard Cart Hauler For All Your Stuff

The Shore and Chore® Beach Utility Yard Cart is designed to help you get your boards, plus all your other gear to the beach in one trip. The adjustable pullout sides provide a secure fit that easily adjusts to water boards and beach gear of all sizes. With the pullout sides, you can transport 2 boards and still have the entire interior of the cart for the rest of your chairs, coolers, umbrellas, and all your other gear.  Beyond the beach, and with its heavy duty 400 lbs. cargo capacity, the Shore and Chore® is versatile enough to be used for chores around the house, in the yard or garden or in a warehouse setting.  Whether you’re at the beach or doing chores around the house or yard, the Shore and Chore® cart will make your life easier!

Our beach utility yard carts’ value and features blow the competition away.

See how the Shore and Chore® cart compares to other carts on the market. When it comes to adjustable and versatile features, we blow the competition out of the water—land too.Beach Utility Yard Cart

shore and chore cart with no pads
shore and chore cart with no pads
shore and chore cart with no pads and no rails

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Every Shore and Chore® Cart Purchased Funds the Removal of 1 Pound of Plastic.

Partners With Repurpose Recycling

Shore and Chore® and Repurpose Recycling are happy to announce a partnership to finance the collection and removal of ocean-bound plastic on the Maria Linda and Achiguate Rivers in Guatemala.

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shore and chore cart with optional side panels

The Shore and Chore® Cart is available in 3 Packages

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