Shore and Chore® Cart Specifications and Assembly Instructions

Inspect the dimensions, capacity and other statistics, view / download a PDF of the full instruction sheet, see a comparison chart showing the vast features of the Shore and Chore™ cart compared to other carts.

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Beach Utility Yard Cart
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Cart Bed Dimensions 26″ x 42″
Interior Bed Dimensions 24″ x 40″
Cart Height 25″
Overall Length With Front Axel Extension 53″
Overall Length with Pull Arm Extended 6′-10″
Weight – Basic, Standard, Premium 62, 66, 72 lbs
Ground Clearance / Tire Diameter 12″
Max Tire Pressure 30 PSI
Pull Arm Length 40″
Max Cargo Weight 400 lbs
Arm Extends Up To: 7.5″
Arm Dimensions 38.75″ x 11.25″
Shipping Box Dimensions 43.3” x 25.6 x 14.9″
Weight – Basic, Standard, Premium 77, 81, 88 lbs

Load Capacities and Cargo Weights.

The Shore and Chore® cart is designed with expanding sides to help transport recreational boards plus other large horizontal gear. These left and right adjustable side carriers along with the big interior bed give this cart a multitude of possible uses and load applications. 

Although the cart is super versatile, it still has to abide by natural laws of physics and gravity. Care should be taken when loading a side panel heavier than 35 lbs. with both the interior and opposing side panel empty. Evening the weight balance with a counterweight in the central cage increases the load capacity for the pull-out sides, The same can be accomplished by adding weight to the opposing pull out. We cannot make guarantees or recommendations on any load weight above what is specified for casual use. We can say is that with a little common sense and a regimen of precaution, the Shore and Chore™ can be a handy tool with a ton of versatility around the shop or on the job.

No Competition When it Comes to Versatility.

See how the Shore and Chore ® cart compares to other carts on the market. When it comes to adjustable and versatile features, we blow the competition out of the water—land too.

Beach Utility Yard Cart
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