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Shore and Chore® Kayak Cart: A versatile kayak transporter that also serves as a bike trailer, perfect for avid kayakers.

The Ultimate Kayak Transportation Solution that doubles as a Bike Trailer. This innovative cart not only simplifies the task of moving your kayak but also converts effortlessly into a bike trailer for added convenience and adventure-ready functionality. Experience the ease of kayak transport like never before with the Shore and Chore® Kayak Cart.

The smart design of the Shore and Chore® Cart transforms the way you carry water sports equipment. Whether your journey takes you to sandy beaches, tranquil lakes, or adventurous river paddles, this cart is built to elevate your experience at every turn.


  • Kayaking and Paddle Boarding: Ideal for transporting kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, and other water gear.
  • Bike-Connected Adventures: Easily attachable to your bike for extended journeys.
  • All Outdoor Activities: Perfect for camping trips, beach outings, and festival gear transport.
Bike Kayak Trailer

Kayak Beach Cart Features

The Shore and Chore Cart is ingeniously designed with adjustable expanding sides, fitting snugly around your kayak. It’s a multi-use cart that adapts to various adventures. With removable front and back panels and a capacious interior, it’s adept at handling different types of loads, from casual beach gear to more intensive outdoor equipment.


  • Adjustable sides for carrying items up to 35 lbs.
  • Balanced side capacity with counterweights for stability
  • Spacious interior for larger items
  • Optional front wheel for improved maneuverability on turns
  • Maximum load capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Capable of carrying two kayaks on extended sides with room for additional gear.
Kayak bike trailer

Enhanced Functionality with Strap Downs and Optional Side Panels

The Shore and Chore® Cart features four bungee ball tie-downs, two per side, for secure transportation of your kayak. Each corner of the cart includes a locking notch for easy tie-down attachment. For added utility, optional side fabric panels provide extra storage space with external pockets and an interior flap to cushion sensitive items. These panels also have beverage holder pockets, fitting large 20-ounce containers, and are crafted from durable, stain-resistant poly blend canvas fabric.


  • Protection from scrapes and scratches
  • Pull down pad to protect the bottom surface of fragile cargo
  • Roomy pockets for small tools
  • Beverage holder pockets
  • Double stitched, stain resistant poly blend canvas fabric
front pockets on cart

The Shore and Chore® Cart is available in 3 Packages

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