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The Yard Cart that Adjusts to What You Want to Do

The Shore and Chore® cart is perfect for year-round yard duty. Take everything you need for a day of trimming, pruning, digging, and raking wherever you need to go. The expanding sides allow you to safely and securely transport long handled tools such as: shovels, rakes, pruners and hoes, while leaving you plenty of room in the carts interior for planters, heavy bags, buckets, hose and garbage cans. The high ground clearance and large 12″ tires make this cart easy to pull over rough terrain or tall grass.

Add the optional side canvas covers (included in the Premium and Standard Package), and you have plenty of handy pockets for all of your smaller tools, plus a nice resting place for a refreshing beverage.


  • Expanding pull-out sides for transporting long tools such as rakes, shovels, brooms and hoes.
  • Pull-out sides are fully adjustable for a tight secure fit.
  • Large capacity interior for a multitude of garden gear.
  • Max cargo weight of 400 lbs.

Side Canvas Panel Pockets & Bungee Tie Downs Help Organize Your Tools

The Shore and Chore® cart comes with a set of four bungie ball tie downs—two for each side. The cart’s frame has a locking notch designed into each corner making securing the cords a breeze. These tie downs are great for securing awkward long tools like rakes and hoes to the side pullouts.

The Shore and Chore® side canvas panels provide roomy exterior pockets that give tons of additional cargo space. They are great for stowing hand gardening tools as well as the tie downs. Both front and back panels have beverage holder pockets that are perfect for a coffee thermos, or cans and bottles of your favorite beverage to enjoy while gardening.


  • Tie Downs to secure longer tools in the side pull-outs.
  • Roomy pockets for smaller gardening tools, such as hand trowels and rakes. 
  • Beverage holder pockets
  • Double stitched, stain resistant poly blend canvas fabric
Pockets on the side panels

The Shore and Chore® Cart is available in 3 Packages