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The Beach Cart That Hauls Your Gear Without the Hassle

The Shore and Chore® beach cart is designed to help you get all your gear to the beach/water in one trip. The adjustable pullout sides provide a secure fit that easily adjusts to water boards and beach gear of all sizes. With the pullout sides, you can transport 2 boards and still have the entire interior of the cart for the rest of your chairs, coolers, umbrellas, and all your other gear.


  • Expanding pull-out sides for transporting maui mats, chairs, coolers, corn-hole, umbrellas, and all your beach gear 
  • Pull-out sides are fully adjustable for a tight secure fit 
  • Large capacity interior for a multitude of beach gear 
  • Optional front stabilizing wheel for additional stability 
  • Max cargo weight of 400 lbs.
Shore and Chore for Beach Use
The Shore and Chore Cart can carry two boards on its extended sides leaving all the interior space of the cart open to carry your other gear.
Cart Animation showing how side panels expand and can be taken off completely
Cart Animation showing how side panels expand and can be taken off completely
Cart Animation showing how side panels expand and can be taken off completely
Cart Animation showing how side panels expand and can be taken off completely

Side Canvas Slip Covers for Added Storage and Protection

Shore and Chore® canvas side panels are heavy duty covers that slip over and strap into the carts’ frame giving added protection to your load. An inside padded panel can be flipped down across the bottom of the cart to cushion your boards’ lower surface during transport and protect it from scratching and scraping.

Roomy outside pockets give lots of additional cargo space for smaller items and are ideal for stowing the bungee ball tie-down straps. Both front and back panels have pockets specifically designed as beverage holders that are perfect for a thermos, or cans and bottles of your favorite beverage. Now you can sip coffee while pulling your gear to the beach/water and have a handy spot to hold your cup when you unload.


  • Waterproof. Mold & mildew resistant
  • Maximum durability. Rated for daily, high volume use
  • Withstands any environment.
  • Fade resistant. 500 hours of UV protection
  • Padded fold down flaps protect expensive boards from being scratched
  • Roomy pockets on each side for additional storage
  • Drink holders on front and back big enough for 20 ounce bottles
front pockets on cart

Quick and Easy Bungee Ball Tie Down Straps

The Shore and Chore® cart comes with a set of four bungee ball tie downs, two for each side that are designed for easily securing boards to the cart. Each end of the carts’ side panels have a locking notch welded into the frame making securing the cords a fairly easy task.


  • Easy application
  • Comes with a set of 4 bungee ball tie-downs
  • Great for securing long horizontal cargo or securing anything else you are carrying.
Optional Carrying Pads

Get to the Beach/Water Faster With Our Bike Trailer

When it is too far to walk, our Bike Trailer is a great add on for peddling your Shore and Chore® longer distances.  It comes with a bike axle couple, a compression spring adapter and a swing arm. The bike axle coupler bolts to the axle hub of your bike and connects to compression spring adapter which then connects to the swing-arm. The swing arm replaces the towing handle of the cart. The handy spring action and design gives plenty of flexibility, allowing you to lay the bike down without uncoupling. Attaching the kit to your bike takes minimal skill and is fairly easy to complete.


  • Comes with a bike axle coupler, a compression spring adapter and a swing arm
  • Coupler mounts directly to bicycle wheel hub
  • Swing arm tethers around the rear frame of your bike for proper towing alignment
  • Spring action allows bicycle to lay flat on ground without uncoupling
Towing the Shore and Chore cart using the Towing and Adapter Kit

The Shore and Chore® Cart is available in 3 Packages


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