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Shore and Chore® Bike Cart for Ultimate Outdoor Use

Shore and Chore® Bike Trailer, is a revolutionary solution crafted to redefine the way you transport your goods. This bike trailer, a key component of the versatile Shore and Chore® cart lineup, is designed to cater to the needs of the outdoor enthusiast who seeks convenience, efficiency, and reliability.  When it is too far to walk, our Bike Trailer is a great add on for peddling your Shore and Chore® longer distances.

Innovative Design Meets Versatility
The Shore and Chore® Bike Trailer is ingeniously designed to provide maximum functionality. Its robust structure ensures that you can haul everything from kayaks and paddle boards to camping gear and groceries, with absolute ease. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a camping trip, or a kayaking expedition, this trailer is your perfect companion.


  • Grocery Shopping: Transporting groceries and shopping items from the store to home.
  • Camping Trips: Hauling camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and food supplies.
  • Beach Outings: Carrying beach essentials like chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and beach toys.
  • Sports Equipment: Taking sports gear to the field or court, such as soccer balls, bats, gloves, and nets.
  • Picnics and Park Visits: Bringing picnic baskets, blankets, and outdoor games for a day at the park.
  • Fishing Expeditions: Transporting fishing rods, tackle boxes, bait, and other fishing gear.
  • Photography Equipment: Hauling cameras, tripods, lenses, and other photography accessories for outdoor shoots.
  • Artists’ Supplies: Carrying art materials like canvases, easels, paints, and brushes for outdoor painting.
  • Event Supplies: Moving items for outdoor events, such as folding tables, chairs, banners, and decorations.
  • Farmers Market Vendors: Use the cart to transport goods to and from local markets.
  • Music Festivals: Transport musical instruments, sound equipment, and personal items for outdoor concerts or festivals.
  • And So Much More: Such as Tools, Gardening supplies and really any large or bulky items that are difficult to carry by hand.
bike trailer laying flat
Attaches to bike
Shore and Chore Beach Utility Yard Cart Premium Package

Seamless Conversion and Compatibility

Converting your Shore and Chore® cart into a bike trailer is a breeze. The thoughtful design allows for quick and effortless attachment to most standard bikes, transforming your cart into a bike trailer in just a few steps.  It comes with a bike axle couple, compression spring adapter and a swing arm. The swing arm replaces the towing handle of the cart. Attaching the kit to your bike takes minimal skill and is fairly easy to complete.  Just add the bike axle coupler to the rear axle of your bike, then connect the compression spring adapter to the swing arm and to the end of the bike axel coupler and secure it by dropping in the pin and tethering it to the bike frame with the strap provided. The handy spring action and design gives plenty of flexibility, allowing you to lay the bike down without uncoupling. This seamless compatibility ensures that your outdoor adventures are not just limited to the waterfront but extend to wherever your bike can take you.


  • Easy Attachment: The bike trailer attaches smoothly to your bike, making it ideal for longer trips where carrying gear by hand is not practical.
  • Spacious Load Capacity: Designed to carry heavy loads, it is perfect for transporting all your adventure essentials.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor travel, ensuring your gear stays safe and secure.
  • Flexible Utility: Not just for water sports equipment, it’s also great for hauling camping gear, picnic supplies, and more.
Shore and Chore bike attachment

Enhanced Functionality with Strap Downs and Optional Side Panels

The Shore and Chore® Cart features four bungee ball tie-downs, two per side, for secure transportation of your items. Each corner of the bike cart includes a locking notch for easy tie-down attachment. For added utility, optional side fabric panels provide extra storage space with external pockets and an interior flap to cushion sensitive items. These panels also have beverage holder pockets, fitting large 20-ounce containers, and are crafted from durable, stain-resistant poly blend canvas fabric.


  • Protection from scrapes and scratches
  • Pull down pad to protect the bottom surface of fragile cargo
  • Roomy pockets for small tools
  • Beverage holder pockets
  • Double stitched, stain resistant poly blend canvas fabric
front pockets on cart

The Shore and Chore® Cart is available in 3 Packages

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