How it all got started

If you are like me, you enjoy reading the story about how a company got started.  Here is our story; the story of the Shore and Chore® cart.  Like most good stories, mine too begins with family, particularly these two:

Picture of our home in Michiana

Yes, those are my daughters.  Ella is the one in blue and Ava is the one in pink.  This picture must have been taken in 2007, which is right about the time we bought a vacation lake house in the quaint little town of Michiana Village which is right over the Indiana border as you enter Michigan.

In fact, Michiana borders both Indiana and Michigan, hence the name Michiana.  Michiana also happens to sit on the shores of Lake Michigan (remember the word “Shore”).

Michiana Beach
Michiana Beach

(these are pictures of the beach near our cabin)

We the Kramer family (yes, that is us, the Kramers) loved going to Michiana and spending time at the beach.  As time passed the girls grew.

My daughters

(these are pictures of my girls, the first inside our Michiana cabin and the second at the Michiana beach)

With the girls getting older and learning to swim we spent more and more time on the shores of Lake Michigan.  And what started out as just bring this to the beach:

Soon turned into this:

boards and beach gear laying on the beach
boards and beach gear laying on the beach

The Evolution of the Shore and Chore® cart

So hence the problem, how was I going to get all of this stuff down to the beach, particularly the paddle boards?  That is when the idea came to me, what if I could lie the paddle boards horizontally along the side of a wagon and the Shore and Chore® cart was born.

So, we got to work developing prototypes.

One of our first prototypes
Paddle board cart

The breakthrough idea was the telescoping sides and removable front and back

Cart with side panels
Adjustable board cart

For Chores & More

Although originally developed to transport items down to the beach, I soon realized it was so much more.  I could also use the cart to do chores (remember the word “Chore”) around the house by taking out the telescoping sides of the cart and/or removing the front and back sides.

Shore and chore carrying firewoodl
Shore and Chore carrying a pressure Washer
Kayak bike trailer
Using cart to pull generator

Shore and Chore® and more…

So there you have it, the story of the Shore and Chore® cart and here we are today with some pictures below of the Shore and Chore®cart in use (to boot, Ella has grown so much she can now even pull the cart).

Grown Up Pulling the Cart
Shore and Chore loaded with both sides hauling extended loads
Shore and Chore cart at the wood shop
Beach and board cart
beach hauler
Shore and Chore cart at the wood shop

The Shore and Chore® carts even come with a bike attachment for those living a bit further from the beach.

Paddleboard Cart For Bike
bike trailer laying flat

I hope with your purchase of the Shore and Chore® cart it too will bring joy to your life and fill your heart with as much love and memories as mine.  With love, the Kramers.

The Kramer family on the beach in Michiana

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