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A Highly Adaptable Work Cart Always Eager for the Challenge

The Shore and Chore® cart was originally designed for recreational use as a board carrier, but its unique multifunction design gives the carrier a wide range of uses for work applications as well. The pull-out sides allow towing vertically oriented items such as ladders, gutters, two by fours, light sheeting and cardboard.

The expanding sides can stow those longer items while allowing plenty of room in the interior cage, giving ample room for tools, big blocky items, or whatever you need to carry. Not only can the sides pull out to fit long vertical pieces, they can expand to allow pieces larger then the width of the bed to lay flat. The expanding sides can then contract and lock into the sides of those pieces to secure them firmly to the cart.  This makes the Shore and Chore® cart excellent for a host of work applications including:


  • Carpentry and Wood Working
  • Home Repair and Maintenance.
  • Light Construction
  • Warehouse 
shore and chore cart at the shop

A Versatile Cart with Multiple Applications

The versatility of the expanding sides, removable front and back panels, along with the big interior bed give this carrier a multitude of possible uses and load applications.


  • Expanding pull-out sides for transporting items up to 35 lbs. in weight
  • Side capacity increases with counterweight in middle of cart and or similar weight loaded on opposite side
  • Large capacity interior
  • Optional nose wheel for additional stability
  • Max cargo weight of 400 lbs.
shore and chore cart loaded with woodworking equipment
Shore and Chore Cart with backend removed

Strap Downs and Optional Side-Panels Add Extra Convenience and Security

The Shore and Chore® cart comes with a set of four bungee ball tie downs, two for each side. The cart’s frame has a locking notch designed into each corner making securing the cords a breeze. These tie downs are great for securing awkward long tools like rakes and hoes to the side pullouts.

The Shore and Chore® optional side fabric panels have roomy outside pockets that give tons of additional cargo space—great for stowing small hand tools, as well as the hold-down straps. An inside flap can be folded down across the pull out bars to pad items resting on the side arms. Both front and back panels have 2 pockets specifically designed as beverage holders that are perfect for a coffee thermos, and roomy enough for large 20 once beverage containers.


  • Protection from scrapes and scratches
  • Pull down pad to protect the bottom surface of fragile cargo
  • Roomy pockets for small tools
  • Beverage holder pockets
  • Double stitched, stain resistant poly blend canvas fabric

The Shore and Chore® Cart is available in 3 Packages

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